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Amelia (Millie) Challenger


Skills Training & Community Wellbeing Worker


I am new to Mind Monmouthshire, but my background is in Higher Education Teaching, primarily students with Special Educational Needs and Behavioural and Emotional Difficulties.  I have a passion for promoting psychological and mental wellbeing and supporting individuals to lead happy, independent and fulfilled lives.  This is what prompted me to study Pscyhology (GBC BSc Hons) and train as a specialist teacher (PGCET).


My favourite quote focused on mental health is ‘...this too, shall pass’, describing how lived experience of mental health, especially depression, is a journey and that you will not always have those dark and hopeless days; there are better days ahead and you can become the person you know you are.  This is what motivates me.  We are not our mental health condition and supporting and training people to get through to the other side, or to ride through the storm, by using  effective strategies is what motivates me.  This life is not a rehearsal performance, so let’s try and make it a good one.


I love anything Italian, so a Caprese Salad and Parma Bruschetta with a big glass of red wine would be my idea of food heaven!




Faye Bevan

  Skills Training & Community Wellbeing Worker  

I have been working for Mind Monmouthshire for the past 6 years.  I have past work experience with the statutory services.


  My motivation is seeing the positive changes in my clients and seeing their confidence and self-esteem in themselves and their abilities grow, as well as helping individuals gain the tools needed to cope with future challenges in life.   Curry or Mexican (though not too spicy!)







Cate Robinson


  Information, Advice & Assistance Worker  

.I am relatively new to Mind Monmouthshire.  My previous working life was in the NHS as a Registered General Nurse for 25 years.

I held a number of diverse roles both in the hospital and community, working with all ages.



During my working and personal life I came to realise that depression and mental illness does not discriminate.  There are none of us immune.  My aim is to pay forward my experiences and put them to good use and hopefully help clients to rebuild their lives, manage their emotional wellbeing and to have the quality of life they want and deserve.


  My favourite food is bread with anything.


Jessica Hughes   Information, Advice & Assistance Worker  








Nick Price   Counsellor  

I have been working for Mind Monmouthshire for the last 6 years.  I am a qualified Psychotherapist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  I have over 12 years experience of working with people with substance misuse problems.



To see the changes people can make when they want to change something about themselves when they push themselves out of their comfort zone.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” or “What could you achieve if you weren’t afraid?”

  Italian (especially pasta!!)

Steph Thomas

  Recovery & Wellbeing Project Lead  

Over the last 20 years my work roles have mainly been in supporting women and young people who have experienced homelessness and domestic abuse.

I am passionate about equality and diversity issues, social justice and equity.


  My motivation for working with individuals who experience mental health issues is in witnessing positive personal change and giving individuals tools to assist them to manage their own mental health.   Cheese sandwiches and crisps, on top of a mountain, on a blue sunny day!



Jan Howell


Skills Training & Community Wellbeing Worker


My working background is Probation, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health.  Born and raised in Hampshire, came to live in beautiful Wales December 2014.  Before joining Monmouthshire Mind in September 2017, I had worked for Newport Mind for a year. 

I enjoy the challenges and rewards working for Mind can bring. I am committed to trying, to have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing and making the unbearable a little more tolerable.  




I love most foods – love cooking and eating!!