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Jaime D


TASL & Welfare Rights Project Lead


I have worked for Mind Monmouthshire for two years, starting as a Support Worker Assistant, becoming Project Lead in January 2016.  Prior to this I was a teacher for 12 years and taught English, History and ICT, before leaving to run my own business, which I still have. 

I have been with my husband for 15 years and we married in 2007.

I also have two dogs who are the centre of my world.


I have experienced the trauma of mental health in my own family and have a personal awareness of the anguish this can cause.

Everyone’s journey through life is unique to them and I feel honoured to be able to be placed in this privileged position, where I get to support those who need it.


Mexican….I would put chilli in tea if I could!




Kerry J


Tenancy Support Worker


I have worked for Mind in Monmouthshire for the past 15 years in a variety of roles.




To support people with poor mental health to remain independent in the community.


Spaghetti, bacon, peanuts and raisins, all together!

Gail M



Tenancy Support Worker



I have worked for Mind since September 2015. Prior to this I worked with Social Services and Cartrefi Cymru.

I have 2 grown up sons and 3 grandchildren. 

I enjoy travelling, particularly if it’s on a cruise liner!


  I feel fortunate to enjoy my work.  It is rewarding to know that sometimes I can make a difference, no matter how small that difference may be.   Egg and chips!

Bethan J 


  Tenancy Support Worker  

I joined Mind Monmouthshire in October 2015 after becoming interested in working with people with Mental Health issues when I completed a Counselling Skills course.

At home I have a partner, two energetic sons, and three black cats to supervise (which keeps me on my toes) and my favourite pastime is laughing.  



It’s really rewarding when you can help someone move on with their life and improve their health; I thoroughly enjoy my work and working for Mind Monmouthshire.


Red Wine, Guinness, G&T or a Vodka and Cranberry.  I’m not fussy!


















Laura A


Tenancy Support Worker


I have worked at Mind Monmouthshire now for over 8 years, with a background in counselling and the Probation Service, I’m also a mum of two very boisterous busy boys!




I thoroughly enjoy doing what I do and have experienced mental health first hand in my family which I feel enables me to empathise fully with people’s individual circumstances and have a positive impact on their lives, which for me is very rewarding.



Crisps and cheese of any kind!




Nicola C


Tenancy Support Worker


Initially I trained as an engineer but changed careers after enjoying volunteering at a homeless shelter in Edinburgh. I find working in this environment much more rewarding and it feels very natural to me. I’ve been with MM since January 2015 and it’s a great place to work.



It always amazes me that no matter how small you may feel your input is into somebody’s life, massive positive change DOES and CAN happen.


Curry, the hotter the better!

Mark W   Tenancy Support Worker  

I joined the team over a year ago having previously worked for Mind Aberystwyth. Originally a mathematician, I have had numerous careers including my own IT company, chef/hotelier and business adviser.  Looks like I’ve never been able to settle (until now!)


Poor mental health is often a hidden condition, unrecognised by society and authority but I have seen first-hand what pain it can cause. When I make a small difference to someone’s life outcome I feel good.






  Anything except tripe.
Gari W   Tenancy Support Worker  

I started with Mind Monmouthshire as an agency worker for 4 weeks in October 2015 and I am still here. I have been working in the mental health/tenancy sector since 1997 on various projects.  I am a keen motorhome traveller and all I need is the open road and a bit of sun to disappear.  I enjoy gardening and I have 3 allotments with ducks and chickens also.



  I enjoy the journey that service users make during the time of support received from Mind.  There is no better job satisfaction than a service user telling me that they don’t require the support any more as they have been empowered to meet their goals.   Has to be the wife’s cooking, dare I say anything different, but I do like Indian cuisine as well.

Nicola W


Property Support Worker


I have worked for Mind Monmouthshire since February 2016 and previous to this I worked within the housing sector for nearly 10 years.



  I am motivated by the passion and dedication of our team and have experienced first hand how we make a difference to people’s lives everyday.   Lamb, Lamb and more lamb!!!!!

Sharon H





Tenancy Support Assistant













I just recently joined Mind Monmouthshire. I have been interested in working with people with Mental Health issues since I became a support assistant working within this environment in the Gwent area.




I really enjoy doing what I do. Every day is as rewarding as the last day, no day is the same.  I enjoy helping someone move on with their life and seeing them come through their battles and out the other side a different person is amazing.


Old fashioned homemade cooking, can’t beat it!

Julie B


Tenancy Support Worker


I’m originally from up’t’north near Manchester and an avid football fan; I’ve supported Man City since 1967!!(I know someone has to). I qualified as a Registered Mental Nurse and worked for the NHS in the Midlands for over 30 years. On retiring from the NHS I moved further south and have ended up in this beautiful part of the world. I joined MIND Monmouthshire in November 2017.








Knowing that my support has perhaps made a difference and played a part in enabling a person to reconnect with living again. Seeing someone I have been supporting doing their shopping in Tesco after a period of being unwell is reward in itself. No other job enables you to meet such a broad spectrum of amazing people be it service users or colleagues


Where do I start? I love food and I am always willing to try something new and exotic. My philosophy is “if you haven’t tried it how do you know you don’t like it!!” However sometimes only simple comfort food hits the spot and for me that would be quality locally sourced sausage with mash potato (using only Maris Piper or King Edward potatoes) and onion gravy!!



Sue H










Zoe C


Tenancy Support Assistant










Tenancy Support Worker 


I started work with Mind Monmouthshire in November 2017 after a career in the legal sector. I now work part time here and part time in my local library, thoroughly enjoying both jobs. When not working I thrive on being outside and love spending time reading in my garden and walking in the woods near my home. I am passionate about Justice and Peace issues (and Fairtrade chocolate!)

Have a lot of experience with supporting young people and their families in the private sector and third sector. Which has recently brought to working with Mind (May 2018).

Enjoy eating out, socialising with friends and spending quality time with the family. 



Life is challenging but can also be incredibly rewarding. I have learnt, through personal experience, that kindness and compassion towards myself and others, whatever their situation, can help make life just that little bit easier.





I feel very passionate about mental health and would like to continue my support by promoting health and wellbeing.


An Indian meal, with lots of different dishes, shared with family and friends.








Anything Spicy.