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2020 Virtual Wellbeing Groups

*Postponed – will resume at a later date*

Our afternoon groups are full and we now have two new morning groups on Zoom; Wellbeing Cafe on a Tuesday and Feel Good Thursdays. 

Join Jan from our Wellbeing Team for informal conversations and discussions. 

We can help you to access Zoom, see link below.

Zoom Instructions

See below for further information on the groups and how to join.


Virtual Wellbeing Café on Tuesday Mornings, 10 – 11am

Informal Zoom group with a small number of participants for safe, supportive conversations around wellbeing. 

Grab a cuppa, come and join us on Zoom from the comfort of your own home for conversation and peer support. If you are interested, please ring 01873 858275, email iaa@mindmonmouthshire.org.uk or complete referral form by clicking on the link below:

Referral Form



 21st July



The New Normal (managing or moving on from lockdown)

Tips on how to manage being at home more, working from home and missing those we love.

 28th July



Managing Stress

Tips on building resilience and managing stress.

 4th August



Managing Depression or Low Mood

How to manage low mood and depression – includes black dog video.  

 11th August




A Virtual Walk

Participants go for a short walk on their own, then meet on Zoom and talk about the walk and the impact on wellbeing. (Ian from Gwent Wildlife Trust will join us to suggest things to look out for and notice.) 

 18th August




WRAP Plans - Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Create a WRAP plan that can be used by anyone who wants to create a positive change
in the way they feel, or increase their enjoyment of life. 
(Booklet will be posted to you.)

To be confirmed



Goals and plans to keep ourselves well 

The importance of setting goals and how to plan. 

To be confirmed




Wellbeing Topic, Group Choice

Activity or subject of group's choice, planned in advance, the meeting will be an opportunity to talk with one another and think about any changes we want to make to improve our wellbeing. Group can direct subject or activity.

To be confirmed



Wellbeing Topic and Reflection

Activity or subject of group’s choice, planned in advance.


Feel Good Thursdays on Zoom 10 – 11.30am

Bite sized self-help wellbeing groups from the comfort of your home.  Groups are delivered by discussion and PowerPoint. 

If you want to know more or book, please phone 01873 858275, email iaa@mindmonmouthshire.org.uk or complete referral form by clicking on the link below:

Referral Form



 23rd July



Anxiety Part 1

Why we feel anxious, recognising anxiety, looking at our thought process.

 30th July



Anxiety Part 2

Re-visit thinking skills.  Mindful breathing.

 6th August



Understanding Depression

Understand some of the causes of depression and recognise them. Learn and practice relaxation and visualisation method.

 13th August



Understanding Stress

Recognise warning signs and triggers for stress. Find ways to manage stress.

 To be confirmed



Mood and Food

How food and drink can affect your mood. What can improve your mood.

To be confirmed



Five Ways to Wellbeing

Learning the five Ways to Wellbeing to improve mental health and wellbeing. 

To be confirmed



Building Self-Esteem

Strategies to increase your self-esteem. 

To be confirmed




Group reflection and planning future sessions

A recap on the sessions, looking at what worked well, what needs to change and ideas for wellbeing topics going forward.