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Welsh Super Lightweight Boxing Champion Kieran Gething supports local Monmouthshire mental health charity Mind Monmouthshire and urges people to reach out for support

Welsh lightweight boxer Kieran Gething from Abergavenny, supports Local Monmouthshire mental health charity Mind Monmouthshire. The 26 year old boxer from Abergavenny recently dropped off one of his punch bags for Mind Monmouthshire clients to use in one of their supported houses. This year marks the Charity’s 40 years of service to Monmouthshire and Kieran Gething is showing his support and raising awareness of mental health.

Keirin Gething in boxing ring

Kieran Gething said “I’m supporting this Charity as it does so much for the community and has done for so long. I hope by showing my support may raise awareness around the great work they do, and hopefully will reach out to more people so they get the support they need. Many men still don’t talk about Mental Health and their feelings, and its important we do this rather than bottling them up inside of us, which just isn’t healthy. A problem shared is a problem halved, so if you are reading this and you are unsure who to talk to contact Mind Monmouthshire who will listen, understand and support you. I urge people not to leave it and just contact the local charity.

This Charity has been helping people in the area for so long, incredible that this year marks their 40 years of service to the people of Monmouthshire, and it is really important we continue and support this local, long serving Mental Health charity. If you can support them in some way please contact them be a part of the team who helps others”.

When catching up with Kieran the Charity also asked some questions and found out more about the Welsh Super Lightweight Champion:

What’s your favourite food? 

My favourite food is Italian, a great place in Abergavenny called Casa Bianca serves some of the best.

Favourite film? 

I love the Harry Potter films to be honest, childhood love that’s really stayed with me. 

Spare time activity? 

I don’t have too much spare time, I love playing FIFA to help switch off but crime documentaries keep me binge watching too!

Best places you like to go in Monmouthshire? 

I love Usk Castle as that was where I got married! Me and Emma regularly go with our daughters there. I also think Linda Vista Gardens is invaluable to the community around it!

What do you want to say to people during these times?

Keep fit, eat well, make sure you spend as much time with those who matter to you most while you can abiding by Covid regulations. If you need support or even if you are unsure of needing support please contact Mind Monmouthshire – they are there to listen, understand and support, don’t leave it please contact them.

Why do you box?

My family have been in the sports for 4 generations at least, it gives me so much confidence and does wonders for my general health, but I love to box now for the other opportunities it gives me too, like being able to help out those around me, especially Mind Monmouthshire.

If you are reading this and need support please contact us on 01873 858 275, email iaa@mindmonmouthshire.org.uk or text 07572590436.

40th birthday bunting

We are looking for 40 fundraisers to join our 40th birthday celebration fundraising campaign. If you are interested please contact info@mindmonmouthshire.org.uk

Visit and donate to Mind Monmouthshire’s 40th birthday campaign: https://justgiving.com/campaign/MindMonmouthshire40yrs4MentalHealth


Please note Mind Monmouthshire is a local, independent mental health charity. Mind Monmouthshire funds itself and 100% money raised goes to helping support the people of Monmouthshire.